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Haras Designs Tech is a freelance company with comprehensive experience in her area of specialty like website development, website management, graphic designs, etc.



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Bringing your desires to life

Haras Designs Tech is an outfit positioned to provide unequal services to you in different areas of need, as it relates to designs and technology. We are set to put a stop to the endless search for 100% satisfaction of services. We want to always leave a foot print in your heart with our excellent services. Our services cut across individual needs, companies, organizations, religious bodies etc. Until you do business with Haras Designs Tech you are still on your way to getting satisfaction for your needs. Going the extra mile to satisfy the needs of our expanding clientele is so important to us and it’s among our objectives

Our Vision

To use the creator’s ability in producing/generating any design of human choice and be a model in the business world.

Aims & Objectives

Our aims and objectives are encapsulated in a word called “SPEED” simply formulated out of the desire to make our clients always smile:

S – Satisfaction
P – Prompt Services
E – Excellent Services
E – Equip to Meet Request
D – Delivering as Required
We truly want to make you happy and satisfy with our highly esteem services.


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